Christen – Intense Orgasm

Published on November 29, 2016 by admin

  • Christen loves to feel good. She doesn’t care how, or when, or where. And when no one else is around to make her feel good, she is happy to make herself feel good. She might even say she feels even better when it’s just her because she knows exactly what to do to make herself feel good… and today is no exception. She starts, as she usually does, with her hands and gets her pussy nice and wet… then she uses her little toy to make things more interesting before taking out her big toy… which is where things start to really get going. The combination of these two really gets her off in ways no one else can. It’s a very personal experience she has with her body and one which leads her to a very beautiful, very pleasurable, very intense orgasm. Come on in and see for yourself… enjoy! 🙂

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