Alexa – Sensual Awakening

Published on December 17, 2016 by admin

  • Released: December 17, 2016

    Last night was their anniversary, and Juan took Alexa out for a great night on the town… dinner by the sea, dancing, drinks… a really romantic evening… she loved it. And now, the morning after, she wants to do something for him. He doesn’t need that much coaxing and is always ready to make love to his sweetheart… and her sweet pussy. He loves playing with it, and she loves it when he does… and he knows it, which only makes him more excited. Soon after, she gives him some very special attention, which he loves, and which only makes her more excited. Eventually, he can’t stand it any more and has to have her on top of him, riding him like she loves doing, before moving on to other positions. It’s a real sensual awakening this morning with these two… come on in and see for yourself! Enjoy! 🙂

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